I’ve struggled since hitting my 40’s with weight loss. I looked mighty fine when I was 39, super slim after 3 children, and suddenly I started gaining weight and no matter what I did, the old methods of losing didn’t work. I was fortunate, because I started working several years later at an office where someone introduced me to Paleo. She was doing cross-fit and decided to take the one month challenge. I along with several other staff decided to also. This changed everything – my clothes started growing too big, my body started diminishing in all the right places, and my energy level soared. It has been the only method I’ve encountered that has worked as middle age has taken up residence. I messed up majorly at Christmas and the month prior with baking and some ridiculous popcorn concoction – everything that wreaks havoc on your body – chips and dip, cranberry gingerale occasionally, and yes, the Christmas cookies. So I’m back on paleo, and getting back into my pre-Christmas clothes and have decided that nothing is worth going over a month eating crap. The occasional indulgence once I get back into my slim clothes will be okay, but I really like this way of life. It cuts out a lot of stuff, you basically shop the outer aisles of the grocery store, and you plan ahead to make sure you have the right food available to grab and go. Worst case scenario, I stop at Tim Horton’s and ask for a chicken salad wrap and a spoon, and dig out all the yummy chicken while tossing the tortilla. Yes it can be done, and that worked for me on numerous lunches when I went on paleo for 60 days straight.

Read up on the paleo diet on Robb Wolfe’s The Daily Apple site, and get some amazing recipes on Paleo OMG. The Daily Apple will show you great photos and testimonials from those who switched to this way of eating. Vegetarians who swore off meat forever, have changed their minds after feeling lousy enough long enough. Basically you eat all the things you would find if you foraged, and avoid the processed food including wheat, sugar and the rest of our fat building foods. I’ve made the best pancakes I’ve ever had from coconut flour and tapioca flour, topped with a berry lemon sauce and maple syrup. I’ve actually lost my chocolate craving and save money just because I don’t buy all the other junk. Try it for a month, and after getting through the first few days of feeling you are withdrawing from toxins, your body will start picking up and you’ll soar.


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